Small Business Start-Up and Promoting Your Brand

Small business owners are usually on a budget. Getting the most promotional value for each dollar is crucial. How do you do this?

Keep your promo materials simple. To get your new business sprinting in the right direction, experts recommend some basic marketing and advertising materials on start-up. Whether you’re doing business online or in a physical store, you’ll want to let your customers know where and how to locate you, details of the products or services you provide, and you’ll want to promote your brand. Your brand should create a strong symbol of your business. Your brand should inform the world not only of your specific product or service, but the goodwill and positive traits behind your name.

First, choose your company colors. Then choose the font type that best represents your business. These things should match. A shop that sells heavy duty machinery, for instance, wouldn’t choose store signage with light and flowery colors and font type (those choices would be off brand).

Keep everything on brand.

When ordering business cards, don’t have a stranger behind a counter who doesn’t know the first thing about your business or brand decide for you. Have a plan going in.

Basic promo materials for start-up:

  1. Business cards with the necessary details.
  2. A brochure, bookmark, postcard, or other visually exciting piece of material that you can hand to strangers, friends, and anyone else you wish to inform about your new business. Handing someone this piece of promo material is a great ice-breaker. It’s a soft sell approach rather than hard sell. To keep the brochure more appealing to read, break up the chunks of printed type with pertinent photographs, maps, and colors.
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Consider using friendly photographs with attractive colors on your brochures and business cards. These can be photos of the products you sell, and also photos of the message you’re trying to get across — such as the cool escape of a massage and spa, conveyed through relaxing ocean scenes or sea shells. If you’re selling tractors, you might convey your branding of dependable, down-to-earth practical machinery with pictures of corn fields. You get the idea. Subtle pictures conveying your brand make customers linger longer and continue reading.
  4. Signage and colors in your physical store or on your website should tie in with the colors and branding on your printed business cards and promotional materials.

As your business grows, so will your budget for advertising and your need for promotional materials. The most important thing to remember is to keep everything on brand.

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