A Short Guide to Preparing Your Business for the Holidays

Spread holiday cheer and get your customers into a festive spirit with these website and business ideas for entrepreneurs.

Update Your Website

1. Change your website’s cart icon to a sleigh. Instead of a shopping cart, use a sleigh symbol in order to convey a cheerful holiday theme.

2. Change your website’s color scheme. This is very simple to do, especially if you use a website builder that lets you customize the look of your site. Consider choosing a color scheme that includes red, green, white, gold, silver or a mix of these for the month of December. You could even leave your new website colors throughout January as well, for the New Year.

3. Feature holiday-themed products or items that your customers may wish to purchase as gifts for their loved ones. This could include decorations, winter home décor, toys and games and tons of other merchandise.

4. Swap out the photos on your home page, about page and other pages for ones that display festive colors or graphics. You may consider selecting Christmas images or winter photos in general.

5. Post holiday-related blogs to increase traffic. Attract readers and potential customers with seasonal blogs that would be beneficial for your target audience.

6. Optimize your website for mobile shoppers. Making your website responsive is important, so that customers will be able to view your site content easily whether they are visiting from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You don’t want any obstacles to arise for your customers in the purchase process.

Offer Deals, Discounts and Giveaways

7. Offer a seasonal sale that is available for a limited time only. Creating urgency is an excellent way to encourage purchases, and now is the perfect time to do so. Your sale may include only certain items or your entire store, and you could either offer a dollar discount, percentage discount, package deals or free shipping for online orders.

8. One way to increase engagement with your brand is to host a contest or giveaway. For this occasion, the prize could be holiday-themed, a free eBook to benefit your customers in the year ahead or another useful item for your winners.

Spice Up Your Social Media

9. Upload new cover photos on all of your social media profiles. Certain social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, allow you to feature a cover or banner image on your business page. Use a festive photo by itself or include text that announces any sales you may be having during the holidays. Cover photos are great advertising tools.

10. Share holiday-related posts on social media. When you do so, you may also consider adding a feed to your website home page. For example, Twitter allows you to embed a feed directly onto your website to display your recent Tweets. This will show customers who discover your website that you are active on social media, and they will easily be able to follow your social profiles.

11. Pin a post describing your sale events to the top of each of your social media pages. This will be the first post that shows up to your social media visitors, so include a link and a reason for them to click!

Bonus Tips for Your Business

12. Change your ad copy to include current or upcoming sales. Doing so will encourage shoppers looking for deals to visit your website or store. Make sure to give viewers a reason to click on your ad.

13. Get the word out about special offers in an attractive, strategic email campaign. There are many free email marketing templates out there that you can use for the holiday season.

14. Use press release distribution sites to announce your holiday sales. This is a wonderful way to drive traffic and encourage other news sites to publish your announcement as well.

How do you prepare your business for the holiday rush? Share your own tips in the comment section below.

Image credit: LookLagoon.com