How to Respect the Environment While Taking Photos

Nature photographers know that respecting the environment while taking photos is extremely important. This is easier said than done, especially if a person is unaware of how one little action may cause a huge effect. Using the following techniques to respect the natural environment when taking photos may be helpful.

Stay on Existing Pathways

If there is no path, then try not to create one. Instead, stay on pathways, trails, and roads that already exist in order to avoid unnecessary disturbance to the environment. Walking through an area where there is no path can have severe effects. One person’s footsteps can be followed by another, and so on. This is especially harmful for the ecosystem when you are in a group.

Collect Your Garbage to Dispose of Later

Never leave garbage or recycling of any kind behind. Make an effort to pick up after yourself and collect your litter to dispose of later, so as not to harm the natural environment.

Do Not Pick Flowers or Plants for Photographic Purposes

There are two ways to get a beautiful photograph. The first is by cutting, picking or bending plants out of the way in order to get a clear view of your desired subject. This can be extremely hurtful to the flowers or plants, which is why it’s best to avoid. The second way is ideal, which is to strive to integrate the surroundings into your shot so that you don’t destroy any plants.

Do Not Remove Any Plants or Objects from the Area

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. Damaging and removing plants or other objects are essentially the same thing, as both actions disturb the surrounding environment. Try to leave all plants, flowers, and natural objects alone.

Avoid Getting Too Close

You are the guest wherever you go in nature, so be sure to treat all of the plants, wildlife, and nature with respect. Do your best not get too close or approach wildlife in an aggressive way. Also aim to avoid trampling over flowerbeds or other vegetation.

Travel in Smaller Groups

Traveling in a large crowd will often cause a great deal of disturbance in the habitat you enter. Instead, try to divide into small groups so that you can pass through your surroundings virtually unnoticed.

If you keep all of these nature photography tips in mind, you’ll get great photos and be proud to know that you didn’t disturb nature while doing so. We always try to remember that we are the guests in any habitats we visit.

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