Best Type of Lens for Landscape Photography

Many people ask what the best type of lens might be for taking landscape photos. Our advice is that it depends on the type of photography you enjoy.

Landscape shots often include expansive vistas, but not always. Some photographers do prefer a wide-angle lens that displays the entire picture of what they’re viewing since that’s how they see the world. That’s their creative angle.

Other photographers prefer a closer view of nature. They’re interested in zooming in on the side of a cliff to capture an eagle soaring. That’s their personal opinion of a great landscape shot.

And then there are the photographers who prefer something in a mid-range lens, focusing on an image that has a bit of both worlds – a wider shot of a landscape with some closer details that they find compelling.

Experimenting with different styles is the best way to discover what type of landscape and nature photographs appeal to you most. As your photographs accumulate, you will discover a pattern emerging on its own, for your images will reflect your favorite types of shots whether you were conscious of it or not. You’ll also discover your favorite type of lens – the one that feels good in your hands, perhaps doesn’t weigh you down too much or that weighs a ton but you love it anyway, or one that has tack sharp focus and vivid color range.

In the end, a gorgeous photo is less about the lens, and more about the photographer. It’s the photographer’s point of view that makes a landscape photograph amazing.

Share your opinion – what’s your favorite lens for photographing landscapes?

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