Small Business Pt 2: Staying Creative

Running a small business isn’t always easy, in fact some people say it’s never easy, but it can be very rewarding. Sometimes entrepreneurs get stuck in a rut. How do you remain creative when it might seem like you’re running by the seat of your pants most days? Creativity is the key to growth, and in my opinion, the key to having fun.

  1. Listen to your customers, listen to your employees and listen to your gut. If your customers are asking you for a larger size in a certain product, can you deliver? If your employees are saying that they could double their work output with a better software program, can you provide it or make a plan on how and when you will? If your gut is telling you that your business needs to change direction because what you’re doing isn’t working well enough, do you do something about it?
  2. Think like your customer. Would you want to buy from you? What improvements in delivery, quality or price would you want to see?
  3. Add value. Is there something really cool that you could add to your product/service/delivery that would amaze your customers?
  4. Do something in your spare time that is creative in a different way than your work. Making time to relax allows your brain cells time to think. If you have a problem in your business and you’re not sure how to solve it, sometimes getting away from it and doing something completely different opens up your thinking, and you return to the problem more relaxed and able to see an easy solution.
  5. Stay curious. Keep an eye on what your competition is doing. Read a trade magazine that pertains to your line of work. Listen to the business news and consumer data on what people are buying and how they’re buying it. Pay attention to consumer trends.
  6. Freshen your environment and never let things get past the point of stale. Have you ever changed a piece of artwork in your living room and been amazed at how different you feel walking into it? Maybe you’ve got more energy, or maybe it’s made you a little more observant of other details in the room. The same is true for your work environment. Change the artwork on your wall, change the stock photos on your company website and update your business brochures. You’ll provide new energy to your workspace and to your customers.

How do you stay creative in your line of work?

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