How to Use Images on Social Media

Owning a business brings with it many challenges, a few of which have to do with advertising and promotion. Looking to boost your sales? Consider revising your social media strategy to include more photos, as many users prefer posts that include eye catching images.

Include Images When You Post New Content

It’s important to add variety to your content, especially if you’re posting on a daily basis. Instead of simply posting a string of text, consider adding photos. This may increase the interaction on your social media pages, since most of us are attracted to interesting pictures.

Add Hashtags to Your Images

If you want to increase interaction even more, add one or two hashtags to each post. For instance, when sharing a photo of a blue jay, you may add #birdphotography to the end of your post. This will help people to easily and quickly find your content.

Pick a Stunning Cover Photo

Most social networks allow you to upload a custom cover photo. You’ll see these on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more. If you need help selecting the right image, visit our blog How to Choose a Facebook Cover Photo.

Choose a Profile Picture that Suits You or Your Business

This may be the most important point. Your profile picture represents you and your brand, so it’s important to select the perfect one. The image will usually show up everywhere your name is displayed, such as in comments you post and new content you publish. If you don’t have a company logo or photo of yourself, decide on an image that conveys the same concept as your brand.

Interact with Others Frequently

Apart from posting your own photos, you can increase engagement by interacting with others on a frequent basis, if not every day. To do so, you may like, favorite or comment on content posted by others. Another option is to share photos posted by others on your own page. All of these things will encourage the original user to visit your page and interact with your posts in return. If nothing else, this will help to get your name out there.

Tip: Don’t know what type of photo to use? Can’t find one that is appropriate for your brand? Try choosing an image that captures our natural surroundings. You can find a nature photo that conveys almost any emotion or concept, while still appealing to a large audience.

What works best for you? Share your strategies along with your favorite social network below.

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