Magnificent Macro

Shooting in macro is one of my favorite activities in photography. Do you enjoy it, too?

When I first used my newest macro lens, the 105mm f/2.8, I was blown away by the depth of detail and color it produced, as well as the beautiful bokeh (a photography term for the beautiful blur of the background). The 105mm lens is light enough that I can walk around with it for hours, and has high enough magnification that I don’t need to stand too close to insects to get the shot, therefore I won’t accidentally scare them to fly away.

If your macro lens has a fixed focal length like this one (also known as a “prime” lens), it means it won’t zoom in and out to different focal lengths. You’ll have to position yourself accordingly, as you become the “zoom” so to speak, inching closer or farther from your subject to frame the shot you want.

You can also take excellent shots with a macro lens that are a distance away, not only close-ups, but my walk-around-lenses are usually zoom. With a zoom lens I have more range to frame the photograph. I can easily capture a hawk flying overhead or a bed of colorful flowers as I’m walking past a field, without having to worry too much about repositioning myself.

If you don’t have a zoom lens for a DSLR, you will likely still have the capability on a point-and-shoot camera. Look for the setting that has a symbol of a close-up detail, which is often depicted by a flower icon. Those can make some incredible shots, too.

Do you use your macro settings often? Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

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