4 Photo Placement Tips for Website Owners

Using beautiful photos on your website may attract the attention of viewers and convince them to stay for much longer than they otherwise would. After all, photos are more visually appealing than a full page of writing! If you need some ideas of where to place our photos on your website, consider the following locations.

1. Throughout Blog Posts

Photos may be placed either at the beginning, the end, or throughout a post. It’s important to vary the length of your posts to keep your blog fresh and interesting for your readers, and always include a photo if possible.

2. On the Home Page

Featuring a photo on the home page of your website piques the interest of a visitor almost instantly. Choose a photo that relates well to your business, even if it’s simply the mood or tone, and make it stand out from the rest of the page to emphasize it.

3. On Every Page

Try to include a photo on each page of your site – such as the about page, contact page, and more – in order to capture the interest of your website viewers. This eye candy will give your visitors something easy to look at without demanding a response.

4. In the Sidebar

If there is no room to add a photo on every page of your website, or if the topic doesn’t allow it, then you may add a photo to the sidebar. This way, the photo doesn’t necessarily have to match the written content.

Photo placement may have a huge impact on your website stats and even your sales, especially if you place them strategically. People all over the world may not speak the same language, but many people connect visually and pleasantly to a stunning photo of nature. Don’t you agree?

Image credit: LookLagoon.com