Sunny Days and Summer Fonts

Earlier this week, we blogged about giving your website a summer makeover. After picking out the right photos for the season, you might think about changing the fonts and colors found on your site to further convey the cheerfulness that summer has to offer.

Try picking a fun, thin font that gives the light, airy feeling of sunny days and freedom. If you can find a font that matches the theme of your website, such as wild west type, go for it! Make it easy for your visitors to see what your site is all about.

As for colors, you may already have these picked out. If your color scheme is already in place, try adding a splash of the colors you’d find on a sunny day – yellows, oranges and blues – across a few of your pages. This could be in photo captions, headings or even in the photos themselves.

It’s very easy to convey the happy feeling of summer on a website. What colors, symbols or scenes remind you of summer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below – and check out others’ answers for some web design ideas.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

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