16 Ways to Use Summer Images

Did you discover a stunning photo that captures the freedom of summer perfectly? Browse these ideas to find the best use for your photo.

Sun Rays on a Lawn Chair Stock Image

Sun Rays on a Lawn Chair

  1. Center the image on your website’s home page to create a summer atmosphere for your visitors.
  2. Write a summer-themed blog – just like this one – and include the photo somewhere on the page.
  3. Post the image on social media along with an adventurous quote, inspiring others to have a fun-filled summer.
  4. Upload it as a seasonal cover photo on your social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
  5. Have it printed as a poster for you to hang in your entryway, living room or bedroom and enjoy throughout the coming months.
  6. Place the image on the front or back cover of your new book.
  7. Update your business card or company brochure to convey a summer feeling, and include the image there.
  8. Use the photo as your desktop background, so that you can admire it every time you turn on your computer.
  9. Print it on a birthday or anniversary card for a loved one that celebrates a special day in the summer months.
  10. Send a postcard to your distant friends and family with the image printed on it.
  11. Use the photo as inspiration for a new painting.
  12. Write a poem or short story about the summer scene captured in the photo.
  13. Pin it on your vision board as a place that you hope to visit in the future.
  14. Include it in a video or slide presentation for your co-workers or clients.
  15. Order a custom mug or beach bag with the photo printed on it.
  16. Share the image with your friends and family for all to admire!

Add your own summer image ideas in the comments below and shop our summer photo collection.

Image credit: LookLagoon.com