Soothing Nature Colors: Part 1

Colors in nature have the ability to relax our minds and bodies, rejuvenate our spirits, and make us feel fresh and alive. Here are three colors in nature and how they affect us. This is useful information if you’re a business owner looking for photos to use in your advertising efforts, if you’re looking for nature photography to use as wall art or if you’re looking for paint colors for certain rooms in your home.


Beautiful Caribbean Ocean Stock Photo

Beautiful Caribbean Ocean

The color blue is immediately relaxing and refreshing, like a beautiful blue summer sky or turquoise Caribbean water.


Rows of Green Vines Stock Image

Rows of Green Vines

In North America, the color green in nature surrounds us more than any other color. It makes us feel stable, secure, rejuvenated and relaxed.


Yellow Sunflowers Stock Photo

Yellow Sunflowers

Yellow gives us warmth and energy. Like the coming spring, yellow can cheer us up and make us feel like possibilities in life are endless.

Do you have any favorite colors that you like to surround yourself with? I’m partial to turquoise blue.

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