Soothing Nature Colors: Part 2

Colors in nature have the ability to relax our minds and bodies, rejuvenate our spirits, and make us feel fresh and alive. In Part 1, we talked about blue, green and yellow. Here are three more colors in nature and how they affect us.


Close Up Shell Pink and Tan Stock Image

Close Up Shell Pink and Tan

Cream is very soothing and calming for the nerves. It offers a hint of warmth while maintaining a neutral atmosphere.


Great Gray Owl Portrait Stock Image

Great Gray Owl Portrait

Gray is serene and stable. It’s a neutral color that goes with everything, yet can be dramatic in different tones.


Plants Covering Flower Bed Stock Photo

Plants Covering Flower Bed

Chartreuse is a soft yellow-green. It’s midway between yellow and green and has the properties of both. It has a nice, soft energy and rejuvenating feel, like fresh growth on a spring tree.

What is the wall paint color of the favorite room in your home? Mine is the soft gray of my office.

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