Soothing Nature Colors: Part 3

Colors in nature have the ability to relax our minds and bodies, rejuvenate our spirits, and make us feel fresh and alive. In Part 2, we talked about cream, gray and chartreuse. Here are three more colors in nature and how they affect us.


Deep Purple Petunias Stock Photo

Deep Purple Petunias

Eggplant or pale lavender colors are simultaneously cool and warm. Dark violet is very similar to black and makes a person think on a higher level. Paler tones can put us in a happy mood.


Rainfall on Red Canoes and Lake Stock Image

Rainfall on Red Canoes and Lake

Red is bold and beautiful. It gives us fiery energy, makes us more alert, adds drama and eye-catching appeal.


Bare Branches Covered in Snow Stock Image

Bare Branches Covered in Snow

Brown earth tones give us stability, dependability and a sense of unity with the earth.

Do you like the color purple? I find that many people have strong reactions to it. Pale lavender in a baby’s room can be very beautiful.

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