Soothing Nature Colors: Part 4

Colors in nature have the ability to relax our minds and bodies, rejuvenate our spirits, and make us feel fresh and alive. In Part 3, we talked about eggplant, red and brown earth tones.

What about monochromatic colors? How do they affect us?

Monochromatic colors vary only in tone. For example, varying shades of pink would be monochromatic. Or, in the case of this photo, varying shades of gray.

As you have probably guessed, monochromatic colors are soothing and relaxing. They don’t shout for our attention or distract us from our work. Photos done in monochromatic shades are a great choice for public places such as living rooms, foyers or offices.

Do you enjoy monochromatic photos or do you prefer bolder choices? I like them in some places, but I wouldn’t do an entire home in monochromatic artwork.

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