Soothing Nature Colors: Part 5

Country Road with Snow in Black and White Stock Photo

Country Road with Snow in Black and White

Colors in nature have the ability to relax our minds and bodies, rejuvenate our spirits, and make us feel fresh and alive. Thus far, we’ve talked about many different colors but we haven’t mentioned black and white.

So, how do black and white photographs affect us?

If the photos are bold or contain a lot of contrast between deep blacks and brilliant whites, then they convey drama, power and confidence. A collection of black and white photos hanging together on a wall gives a dramatic sense of flair and style. They’re classic and timeless.

Do you have any black and white photographs in your home? Or have you painted any walls in your home or office black? The closest I’ve come is my powder room that has deep navy colored walls that are almost black, with white trim. It looks quite stylish and many visitors say they’re surprised how nice it looks because they never would’ve thought to select that color.

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Black and white photos are classic and timeless.

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