Summertime in Cottage Country

Evergreen Dips Over a Lake Stock Image

Evergreen Dips Over a Lake

This is one of my favorite photos – not because of the composition or the lighting, although those things absolutely do make a difference. It’s one of my favorites because of where it was taken and the feeling that is conveyed through the image.

This photo was taken in the cottage country of Northern Ontario. It was a beautiful morning in the middle of summer, August to be specific, and the sky was clear in all directions. I was walking along the shoreline of a small lake, calm as could be, and came across this evergreen tree. The way it dips over the water creates a sort of peacefulness that I’m very familiar with from my summers spent in the outdoor world of Ontario’s cottage country. This scene is quite common in that area, with thousands of lakes and dense forests stretching across the land.

Composition, lighting, and other technical aspects of photography can make an image great, but if you can capture a feeling on camera, that’s a wonderful thing. I’d love your opinion – do you think it’s important to convey an emotion or feeling through a photograph?

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