A Bird’s Point of View

Foraging Willet Stock Photo

Foraging Willet

While taking photos of this intriguing bird, called a willet, on a Florida beach, I wondered about the bird’s point of view. I tried to imagine what the willet saw as it was diving and foraging for food in the rhythm of the waves.

So, I got down lower and followed the bird with my camera. The result is a more interesting camera angle than one aiming for a simple front or side view. The photo brings to light that even his tail feathers are beautiful, that his body bends over almost at a 180-degree angle when he scoops up food and that his soft, gorgeous colors blend into the neutral colors of the beach, thereby giving him natural camouflage from predators.

It’s amazing what a different camera angle can reveal in a subject.

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Image credit: LookLagoon.com