18 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Pinterest is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses that have a limited marketing budget. Increase referral traffic to your site, reach more customers and grow your social media following by using these Pinterest marketing tips.

1. Convert to a Business Page

You will gain an edge if you convert your personal Pinterest page into a business page. Your profile and boards will still appear the same to others, but this will give you access to more advanced analytics allowing you to keep track of your audience and engagement.

2. Write Your Business Description Carefully

Pinterest limits the number of characters allowed in your business description, so be sure to use the space wisely. Sum up what your company is about, and if possible, include a keyword that will help Pinterest users find your page when they search.

3. Balance Your Boards

Create boards specifically for sharing information and products from your own site, but also consider creating boards that are dedicated to sharing content from other sources as well. The boards you create should include useful pins for your target audience.

4. Include Keywords in Your Board Names

When naming a board, consider what people will type in the search bar when looking for new boards to follow. For example, if someone searches for “Social Media Tips” on Pinterest, all of the boards with that specific phrase will come up first in the results. Name your boards accordingly and you will appear higher in search results.

5. Make Use of Your Board Descriptions

Avoid stuffing the descriptions with keywords, but make sure it is clear what the board is about and what type of pins users will find there.

6. Pin Different Types of Content

Mix it up and post different types of content, such as YouTube videos, slideshow presentations, audio or podcast links, written content, and images.

7. Include Relevant Hashtags

Before you share or create a new pin, ask yourself if there are any hashtags that would help pinners find your content easier. As an example, if you were to pin this article, you may consider adding the hashtag #Pinterestforbusiness in the description.

8. Add the Pinterest Button to Your Browser

Increase convenience for yourself by adding the Pinterest browser button. This will allow you to pin interesting content you find across the web in a timely manner.

9. Pin Images that are Long and Skinny

It has been proven that long images are clicked on the most. Keep this in mind when pinning, as long, skinny images will encourage users to click on the pin to expand it.

10. Share Infographics

There are two ways to do this: create your own infographics or share ones that others have posted. If you decide to repin an infographic, be sure that it will be useful for your target audience.

11. Use Rich Pins

Rich pins can provide the additional information your customers are looking for. The six different types of rich pins include product, place, article, recipe, movie and app.

12. Add a Pin It Button to Your Website Images

It’s possible to add a Pin It button to your website that appears only when a visitor hovers over an image. This will encourage customers to share content from your site on Pinterest, therefore marketing on your behalf.

13. Name Your Photos with Keywords

When naming photos to later feature on your website, name the file with a keyword and add hyphens in between. For example, the file name “yellow-beach-umbrella.jpg” is better than the default name from your camera.

14. Follow Other Businesses, Influencers and Customers

Search for businesses, influencers and customers in your industry and follow pinners that share similar interests. They will be more likely to repin, comment and click on your pins.

15. Comment on Pins and Respond to Your Comments

If someone comments on one of your pins, be sure to reply. Comments are an excellent way to interact with your customers and build relationships that may translate into increased sales.

16. Start a Group Board

Creating group boards is a great way to interact with other pinners and get your pins shown to more people. The more people that pin to your group boards, the more followers those boards will receive, and the more exposure you will get in return.

17. Repin from Your Own Boards

Repin from your boards that have fewer followers or less interaction to your boards that have a larger number of followers. In other words, promote your less-followed and recently added boards to increase the number of followers as quickly as possible.

18. Change the Order of Your Boards

A wonderful feature that Pinterest offers is the ability to drag and drop your boards to change the order they appear on your page. Regularly changing the order of your boards according to the seasons and upcoming holidays can be a great way to increase followers and clicks. For instance, in the winter, you could move your Winter Wonderland or Holiday Gifts boards toward the top of your page.

Will you be using any of these tips for your business? Do you have any other Pinterest marketing tips to share? Leave a comment below.

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